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Document number: 01629
Date: 09 Dec 1827
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: THACKERAY Mary Ann, née Shakespear
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 2nd August 2010

Penrice Castle <1>
Decr 9th

My dear Henry

I am very sorry there has [sic] been so many difficulties respecting your getting the Painted Glass<2> which certainly must be considered your property as I recollect always to have heard that it was left to you to be put up in the Church at Lacock but I should imagine this to be at your discretion, but if you think it would not accord with the Building, I should think my Aunts <3> wishes would be as much fulfilled by your placing it any where in the Abbey you may approve of. I shall await your answer to say whether you would think it worth the expense of putting up anywhere & I will then request Mr Ford (who has so kindly exerted himself in the business) to pay the warehouse rent for me & receive the Package for you.

I believe the Glass as far as I can recollect to be of Small value but perhaps you may have some window among your alterations where it might appear to advantage I was very much obliged by your kind letter & invitation & hope one of these days to see the old Abbey in its improved state. We have been several expeditions in the neig[hbourhood] <4> lately especially to two new caves which I believe you have never seen Bacon hole & Minchin hole<5> between Pwll Du & the Great Tor I believe bones & other curiosities are found in both. All here desire their kind love & believe me

Yr affecte Cousin
M A Shakespear

Swansea Decbr ten 1827 Chrishr Cole <6>
H. F. Talbot Esqre
Lacock Abbey
at A. Baring’s Esqr <7>
The Grange


1. Penrice Castle and Penrice House, Gower, Glamorgan, 10 mi SW of Swansea: home of Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot.

2. The glass was left in the will of WHFT's aunt, Barbara Davenport (1754-1812) - see Doc. No: 01587.

3. Barbara Davenport (1754-1812).

4. Text torn away under seal.

5. Ossiferous Caves near Southgate, on the Gower Peninsula, Glamorganshire, South Wales. They contain animal bones and evidence of Roman settlement and at one time were even suspected of having the earliest cave paintings in Britain, although these were later shown to be natural mineral stains.

6. Sir Christopher Cole (1770–1836), Captain, MP & naval officer.

7. Readdressed in another hand.