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Document number: 04799
Date: 11 Apr 1843
Recipient: FELLOWS Charles
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: copy owned by Harold White
Last updated: 22nd January 2021


In March 1952, Jeffrey D Probyn of the S. Smith & Sons Cricklewood Works in London sent Harold White photographic copies of at least two Talbot letters. The originals have not been traced and this photocopy is incomplete. Earlier, on 10 October 1945, Capt Jeffrey D Probyn of 6 Rushett Road, Long Ditton, Surrey, wrote to the Royal Photographic Society offering to donate these two letters. He noted that the present one was on two sides of a 8x8" sheet and that he did not have the possible second sheet - hence, Harold White's photocopy may represent all that was available. It appears that this donation was never realised, for only the 1945 letter is in the RPS archive. The other letter is Doc. No: 08457]

Lacock Abbey, Chippenham
11 April 1843

Dear Sir

I wish I had seen you again the last time I was in Town, as I wished to make some enquiries concerning your new expedition to Asia Minor of which I have heard a very imperfect rumour as yet, but I understand that it is to be under your sole direction, & that you will take with you a number of artists, draughtsmen &c. &c. That being the case, it has occurred to me that it would be a very desirable thing to have a series of Calotype Views taken in Lycia <1> and should the idea meet with your approbation I have no doubt that it might be easily done and would prove eminently successful I have greatly improved the invention since I formerly showed you some imperfect specimens At present they can be obtained equal to finished drawings or engravings in effect, but far excelling them in accuracy since every minute detail is represented which is seen in the object itself. The time occupied in obtaining each picture is a minute or two, & no more; but from each of these pictures a large number of facsimile copies can be made, at any subsequent period. Nothing excels the photographic method in its power of delineating such objects as form your researches, as ruins, statues, basreliefs &c. And I should think it would be highly interesting to take a view of each remnant of antiquity before removing it, & while it still remains in situ & surrounded with stones & bushes & all the other accompaniments of a wild nature. The art may be acquired in a


Doc. No: 04802 indicates the project fell through.