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Document number: 2102
Date: 20 Dec 1830
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: AWDRY John
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA30-062
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Raybridge <1>

Dec 20th 1830

My dear Sir

In compliance with your wishes we have at a meeting held this morning agreed though not unanimously to give the Contributors 25 instead of 12 and ½ per Cent. for this year only; unless we find by experience from the contributions we can afford to continue it without taking from the relief of the old and sick and decrepid <sic> who can subscribe nothing and who from their sufferings and helplessness, are without any comparison the first Objects of Charity – We have done this contrary to the practice of the Melksham <2> & other Societies after which it has been formed, and which have been found fully to answer their intention – There is one consequence attending the giving a large return, that persons not in a state of poverty, may lodge their money for the sake of the exorbitant Interest to be received – When seven Magistrates are met together there will always be some difference of opinion, which if the sacrifice is not very material must end in a compromise. Generally, I approve of the Scale we have made for the Poor as a temporary Measure, but I trust there will be some County if not National System adopted without which there will be in some Districts discontents if not convulsion. We are perfectly quiet to which I have no doubt your kind words and kind Acts have greatly contributed – Pray present our best respects to your family and believe me –

Yours very sincerely

John Awdry –

I have added the Sum in hand after about 4£ expences deducted, and the amount of deposits to shew you the impossibility of doubling the money deposited –

Subscriptions 20 – 11– 0
Donations22– 8 – 0
£42 – 19 – 0
Deduct 4 – 0– 0
Remains38 –19 – 0

Amount of Deposits to the end of Decber 1830 40 – 0 – 0

W: H: Fox Talbot Esqr
No 31 Sackville Street
London –


1. Reybridge, Wiltshire, 1 mi N of Lacock.

2. Melksham, Wiltshire: market town near Lacock, 2 miles S.