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Document number: 3383
Date: 24 Oct 1836
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BONNEY Thomas Kaye
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 12th February 2012

Normanton nr Stamford,
October 24. 1836

My dear Sir,

I was truly glad to receive your Letter <1> and to hear of you after so many Years' absence from this Part of the country. -

I wish I could assist you in procuring a worthy and pious man of advanced Age for your vacant Living, but I have looked through my List of Leicestershire Clergymen, and I cannot find one. - I met the Bishop of Lincoln <2> on Thursday, and he promised to consider the matter and see if he could recommend a proper Clergyman - Tate, <3> the Master of the Royal Naval School at Portsmouth, will probably lose his Situation at Christmas, the Establishment ceasing at that Time, - and will be glad to have a permanent Residence. His Age is about 66: He was 8th Wrangler in 1794, and I remember him a Fellow of Trinity College and a popular private tutor there. I have not seen him since he left College. One of his Sons has the Living of Nether-Wallop or Over-Wallop, not far from Salisbury. -

With your College-Friend T. Arnold <4> I often have a Conversation: He lives at Lyndon, and takes Pupils, and succeeds well in his Undertaking - He has 13 Pupils under 14 Years of Age at 100 Guineas each. - We talk about you, when we see that a Paper of your's [sic] has been read before the Royal Society - He has several Children, and seems to be very happy. -

Porter <5> also I sometimes meet - He resides in St. Martin's, Stamford, of which Parish he is the Vicar. I was at his House on Wednesday last at the Consecration of St. Michael's Church: He has a large Family. -

My Sister still lives with me, and I take 2 Pupils - My Brother is married, and lives at Cliffe. My sister, Mrs Nevinson,<6> is at Hampstead: Her Family consists of six Children, most of whom are grown up - the 2nd Son is doing well at Oxford. -

Believe me, my dear Sir, Your's [sic] very faithfully,
T. K. Bonney.

H. F. Talbot Esq.
31. Sackville Street


1. Letter not located.

2. John Kaye (1783-1853), Bishop of Lincoln. He consecrated St Michel's, Stamford on 19 October, aided by Archdeacon H K Bonney and Archdeacon Thomas Kaye Bonney.

3. William Tate (b. 1771/1772), Clergyman and Master at Portsea Naval College.

4. Rev Thomas Kerchever Arnold (1800-1853), editor & author.

5. Charles Porter (1797-1877), fellow Cambridge student with WHFT and clergyman.

6. Charlotte Sarah Bonney, d. 1868.

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