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Document number: 5906
Date: 15 Mar 1847
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: BURDEN William H
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 21st February 2012

March 15th 1847
Pulo Pinang

Dear Sir

I write to you to inform you of my misfortune after so long An Absence from England and since the last time I saw you In London – after being In Numerous places and succeeding In obtaining A large Collection of Specimens and Seeds, I lost the Whole of them at the Celebees – Close to Borneo, the Native at whose House they Where In, made way with them –no Doubdt [sic] thinking they where something more useful to him. I then gave up all thoughts for present – after staying there some time, I got A passage to Macassa on the same Island and from there to Batavia, In A Dutch Steam vessel and from Batavia to Singapore In A [sic] English Mertchant [sic] Ship and from there to Pulo Pinang where I joined the H.E.I. Co’s War Steamer Nemesis, not Expecting to Exceed 12 Months, Excuse me Sir, but so much for my not having A Vessel of my own or yours sir

I Hope Sir that you will Write to me. I therefore Conclude, with wishing you Health and Happiness –

Yours Truly Faithful
W. H. Burden <1>


Direct W. H. Burden Seaman, on Service on Board the H.E.I. Co’s Steamer Nemesis

Singapore, Pinang, or elsewhere

[address panel:]

From Wm Burden, Seaman on Board the H.E.I. Cos War Steamer Nemesis
[line drawn across panel
H. Frye 2nd Commanding Officer [illegible] Steamer Nemesis – Pinang March 11th 1847 –
[line drawn across panel]
To W Talbot Esqr
Laycock Abbey
Cheltenham [illegible deletion]

[address corrected in another hand]




1. His father, Richard Burden, was an Excise Officer for a long time had been a factotum for both the Feildings and for WHFT. See Doc. No: 03731 and Doc. No: 04268.