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Document number: 4655
Date: 02 Dec 1842
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: CHRISTIE Samuel Hunter
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: Acc no 20229 (envelope only)
Last updated: 28th January 2015

The Common
2nd Decr 1842

My dear Sir,

As you were not at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society, the President requested me to receive for you the Rumford Medals which had been awarded to you by the Council, for your discoveries and improvements in Photography. Learning from Mr Roberton <1> that you had left your Royal Medals in his charge, I gave the Rumford Medals also into his charge to receive your directions concerning them. With the Rumford Medals there is always awarded a sum of money arising from the interest of the Rumford fund, but having no documents by me, I cannot inform you of the precise amount: I think somewhere about 70. When you give directions to Mr Roberton concerning the Medals, will you have the goodness also to inform him where you wish to have the money paid: he will I am sure most readily attend to your wishes.

I can speak for myself, but in doing so I consider that I express the unanimous feeling of the Council, that it was most gratifying to them to have it in their power to [illegible deletion] to shew the high sense they entertain of the value of your discoveries, by awarding this Medal to you. I hope you will be equally gratified in receiving it.

Believe me My dear Sir very truly yours
S. Hunter Christie

H. Fox Talbot Esqre
Lacock Abbey


1. John David Roberton, assistant Secretary, Royal Society.

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