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Document number: 7474
Date: 22 Oct 1857
Postmark: 22 Oct 1857
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: COTTRELL George Edward
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: envelope 21329
Last updated: 17th February 2012

7 Eaton Place South
Eaton Square
Octr 22nd

My dear Sir

It struck me after I left Lacock on tuesday [sic] that it might be more agreeable to you to write to me personally on the Subject of the Ironfields than to Messrs Sarl & Co: & that I had only given you their address I therefore send it you above and if you prefer it shall be happy to hear from you on the Subject at any time. And in the Event of no arrangement being come to for working the Seam by Messrs Sarl & Co: I shall be happy personally to give you any assistance in my power

I fancy I did not clearly shew you the importance of the amount of any Royalty which It may be illustrated in this way assume that the price which the ore would fetch to be

For the 1st quality 16s/
2nd Do 13
3rd Do 10 6
[bracketed together at right:] per Ton

Then consider the cost which will be equal for each sample of ore, vizt
Royalty 1s/
Raising 2
Canal & Rail 9
Incidental 6 6
12 6 per Ton

independent of the outlay in the shape of capital Upon these figures there would be a gain on the
1st Quality of 3 - 6
2nd Do - 6.
and on the 3rd a loss of 2s/ per ton which being deducted from the profit of 4s/ on the two first qualities (added together) would leave a profit of 2s/ upon the 3 tons but if you deducted from the last 6d/ of the Royalty upon Each Ton the profits on the 3 tons would be 3/6- or 1/2 per Ton You see therefore, that in dealing in large quantities, the importance of a few pence & moreover how a uniform Royalty may answer the purpose of landlord & tenant as the latter could not work the 3d quality without the two first

Yours faithfully
George Cottrell

H. F. Talbot Esqre.
Lacock Abbey
near Chippenham

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