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Document number: 7597
Date: 15 Apr 1858
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: COTTRELL George Edward
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA58-044
Last updated: 1st September 2003

7 Eaton Place South

15th Ap: 1858

My dear Sir

Absence from home for a few days has prevented my answering yours of the 10th Instant before –

I am much obliged for your consideration shown in that letter – and I agree that it would be better for both parties that I should not undertake your ore without full consideration as to the results – nothing that has passed with Messrs Sarl & myself has produced any change in my opinions. I had some doubt whether the quantity of the best sample of ore was sufficient to warrant the high terms upon which it is proposed I should take the lease But you stated some time back that the quantity of that description <illeg> encreased as the pit was deepened – if so I am content upon that point – and the only question upon which I have any doubt is whether the distance from the point whence the ore is raised & from which the ore has to be brought to the canal will not make it too expensive to permit the inferior ore being sold at a profit – This point appears to me to hinge upon the question, not yet settled between us, of the land to be granted both for working purposes, and for the minerals – This is what I desired to see you upon – and subject to your being satisfied that you are able & willing to let me have all the accommodation your land provides for both purposes I see no objection to the lease being at once drawn up –

I was at Seend yesterday but would not call upon your not wishing to disturb you in your Engagements – and mine next week are of such a nature that I cannot with certainty undertake to visit Lacock. Am I likely to find you any day about 1 oClock if I could run down merely writing the night before?

I suppose you do not happen to possess a tracing of that part of your property upon which you could mark the part which you propose to let me have and let me consider it before I saw you? if you could do this it would facilitate matters much as of Course I only have a partial knowledge in my mind – of the locality nevertheless I think I could understand even without a plan – if you would state concisely your views upon this point – and about the distances –

You probably have not been able to form any thing like a correct estimate of the relative proportions of the two qualities of ore to each other and to the bulk of the Sand –

I have no doubt I shall be able to run down, for the day, next week; only I am unable at this moment to fix a day –

I understand the Shrewsbury case was to come on to day & last 4 or 5 days – possibly therefore you may have to be in Town –

I understand there is another Peerage Case likely to make some Stir

I am, dear Sir

yours faithfully

George Cottrell

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