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Document number: 7601
Date: 17 Apr 1858
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: COTTRELL George Edward
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA58-047
Last updated: 1st September 2003

7 Eaton Place South

17th Ap: 1858

My dear Sir

I enclose a sheet of tracing paper – & am much obliged for the tracing sent –

I fancy that the land on the north side of the path does not belong to you – and if so there may be no help means of getting to the canal except along the side of the public path – otherwise I had great doubts whether in an engineering point of of view it would not have been preferable to commence working on the north side of the larch wood and running a tram in a straight line from there down to top of the encline – It would have run along side a hedge pully nearly all the way – and I fancy there may be this advantage in working on the north side that you might begin getting the ore out upon a much lower level – i.e. begin towards the bottom instead of at the top of the ore ground – you will perhaps allow me to take an engineer over the ground to assist my judgment in the matter of the land necessary for working the ore?

In case the South Side of the land were your selection I intended asking the favor of your allowing a pit to be opened near to the South West boundary of the larch Wood – and I accept your offer on that point, and shall be happy to be at the expense of it if you would kindly order it to be done – & I should like it to be deep enough to prove the extent of the ore in depth.

I will, unless unavoidably prevented, run down on one of the days named by you if possible on Saturday.

I have lately been in Staffordshire inspecting their ores – They have prejudices against silicates of Iron – which in fact they dont understand – and calcine all ores except hæmatites – We hope to enlighten them shortly. all matters are arranged for the furnaces at Seend – & if well managed they will succeed –

Yours very truly

George Cottrell

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