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Document number: 5544
Date: 18 Nov 1857
Recipient: COTTRELL George Edward
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st December 2009


Cottrell Nov 18 /57

I send y ye follg calcn, wth refce / a pt wch may possy hve escapd yr attn tho but when mentd y. will percve its importce

By inquiry in ye proper quartr I find yt ye GWR hve adopted ye follg scale of terml chges, varying accg to ye amt of freight.

. . . . . .

Let me supp. fr ye ske of argt that y are now payg the GWR 20,000 per ann. for freight, & conseqly payg 9d per ton terml charges If y. then undertake ^another set of works, in respect of wch y pay the GWR 10,000 per ann. for freight, your the terml charges sink to 6d per ton will be lessened by 3d a ton. But the ^most importt point is this, that this gain of 3d a ton will apply not only, to the ore raised at the new works, but to all the ore raised at Seend likewise, producing an indirect benefit of considble magntde

It is moreover possbl that this benefit may be doubld, viz. in case your ^payment payment were 19,000 ^or 19,500 for freight at your old wrks & 11,000 at the new wrks this ^addition would raise the total amt two steps of the Scale, & give cause a gain of 6d a ton on the whole of the ore. I hope I have made my meaning ^clearly intelligible

As I may perhaps have an opportunity of spend consultg an Engineer abt the feasibilty of constructg a brch railw respectg wch I wrote to you on ye 12th inst, I shall be glad to hear fm y. on that subject

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