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Document number: 3375
Date: 09 Oct 1836
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: DAVENPORT Edmund Sharington
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 30th July 2010

Dear Sir

The Death of my lamented friend Dr Nicholas who was presented to the Rectory of Fisherton Anger<1> by your family at the request of Mrs Barbara Davenport,<2> to hold in commendam<3> for me, induces me to hope for your forgiveness, when I solicit your Patronage for Mr Broadbent, <4> who has lately married my eldest daughter. He is now my Curate - a sound & excellent Divine, exemplary in his conduct & indefatigable in his labo ureous exertions over a widely extended parish - Should you be disposed to return me a favorable reply I shall feel a greater obligation than I am able to express, & shall be most happy in accompanying him to any place, where you may wish to see him, & when he will be able to produce to you the most satisfactory testimonials &c &c

I beg to remain Dr Sir Yr obedt & faithful sert
E S Davenport<5>

Davenport House <6>
Bridgnorth -
Octber 9th 1836.

- Talbot Esqr
Lacock Abby [sic]
Wilts -

If not there to be forwarded immediately -


1. Fisherton Anger, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Rev John Nicholas died on 7 October at the age of 72. Since 1814 he had been Rector of St Clement's Church there, but for a number of years he had been employing a curate and had lived elsewhere. WHFT had inherited the advowson (the right to present a new Rector to St Clement's Church) from his father, Davenport Talbot, and held it until 1849. The new Rector would enjoy the income and assets of the living, including the Rector's house. St Clement's was demolished in 1852 and parts of it were incorporated into the new St Paul's Church.

2. WHFT's aunt (1754-1812), his father's sister.

3. A commendam was an arrangement whereby a person with a full entitlement to a church benefice allowed another person to hold it on a temporary basis.

4. Rev Cornelius Farnworth Broadbent was appointed Curate of Worfield in 1835.

5. Davenport (1778-1842) was Vicar of Worfield, Shropshire from 1803-1842.His and WHFT's lineages went back respectively to the first and second marriages of Henry Davenport of Worfield (d 1731).

6. Davenport House, built 1726, in Worfield, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.