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Document number: 1715
Date: 24 Sep 1828
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: DILLWYN Lewis Weston
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA28-71
Last updated: 21st March 2012

My dear Sir

I this morning received the enclosed Letter <1> & it has made me halt between a dislike to trouble you in the Subject and a fear that I should not do justice to the Writer if under present circumstances I should withold from you the very high Opinion which I entertain of him. – He for 2 or 3 years lived in Sir Wm Hothams Family as Tutor to his Sons <2> & principally through Sir Williams strong recommendation to Sir C. Cole <3> he came in the same Capacity to Penllergare <4> & when after a residence of about a Year and a half he left us to be married he carried with him the respect and good wishes of our whole Neighborhood [sic] – The living alluded to is probably engaged or intended for some personal Friend and otherwise if you should wish to have the situation filled by a modest well informed & gentlemanly Man I think you cannot do better than give it to Mr Moule

I am very dear Sir Very truly Yours
L W Dillwyn

Sept. 24. 1828

Swansea Septbr twenty six 1828 Chriser Cole.
Henry F. Talbot Esqre
Laycock Abbey
Post Office


1. For the enclosed letter from J H Reich, Swiss tutor, see Doc. No: 01716.

2. Sir William Hotham (1772-1848), Admiral of the Red (ie, Admiral of the entire fleet); his 1st wife, Anne, née Jeynes, had died in 1827 (he would marry again in 1835); his sons, Edwin (1807-1875) and John William (1809-1879).

3. Sir Christopher Cole (1770–1836), Captain, MP & naval officer.

4. Or Penllergaer, Glamorgan, 5 mi E of Loughor: home of the Llewelyn family.

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