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Document number: 2680
Date: 17 Apr 1833
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: DOD Charles Roger Phipps
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA33(MW)-074
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Sir /

We trust that you will not think we take too great a liberty in forwarding the enclosed advertisement <1> respecting a work with regard to which many members of the Upper as well as of the Lower House of Parliament have been pleased to express their warm approbation. Our earnest desire has been to avoid any omission which care and diligence could have prevented, but perfect completeness in the first or second edition of such a Work was not to have been anticipated. – We much regret that the account given of yourself should have been amongst the few imperfections of this little volume:– should you be disposed to think as favourably of the undertaking as its marked success leads us to believe the world in general does, you will perhaps be Kind enough to enable us to supply that deficiency in your case which unfortunately we have not been able to prevent, though it has been our earnest desire to pay the most perfect respect to every member of Parliament, and to avoid any thing that might wear the appearance of political bias on our parts. Accompanying the advertisement are five specimens of notices of Members of Parliament which are complete; the imperfect account of yourself is also transmitted, whence the deficiency will be at once seen. We have only to add that the third edition is on the point of going to press, and again to apologise for this intrusion.

We are, Sir,
your most obedient,
humble servants,

Chas R Dodd
R Windeyer

13 Ave Maria Lane

April 17th 1833

William H. F. Talbot
31 Sackville Street


1. Advertisement of The Parliamentary Pocket Companion For 1833; including a compendious peerage. Also enclosed are some entries for Beresford, Brougham, Hodgson, Kerrison, Key and Talbot, the last two are reproduced here: + Key, Sir John, bart. 30, Abchurch-lane; Denmark-hill, Surrey. ( London). M. 1814, Caroline, d. of T. Green. Esq. A wholesale stationer, and Alderman of London; late Lord Mayor of the city in two consecutive years; was created a baronet shortly after the accession of his present Majesty. A Reformer, is in favour of the immediate abolition of slavery, the repeal of a part of the assessed taxes, the repeal of the corn laws, the adoption of triennial Parliaments, and the vote by ballot. + Talbot, William Henry Fox, 31, Sackville-street; Lacock Abbey, Wilts. ( Chippenham) A moderate Reformer; will generally support Ministers.