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Document number: 6770
Date: 06 May 1853
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: DROEGE Friedrich
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 7th March 2011

201 Piccadilly <1>

Honor'd Sir,

Hearing from Mr Bunsen,<2> that I not can have the pleasure, of seeng You at the present moment, I therefore take the liberty to explain You [sic] my present situation.

I beg to direct Your attention to the enclosed letter from His Excellency Chevalier Bunsen;<3> which will proave the respectability of my character, and as I was unfortunate the last year by a pretended friend,<4> through whom I have lost all my property and seeng [sic] weekly [sic] with my eyes I have seen the impossibility in getting on with my Miniature Painting<5> and all my hopes are fixed upon the art of Photography for which purpose hg <6> assistance with a litle sum of money from a relation, I was enabed to build an Atelier and as it is now completed, I heare [sic] with the greatest sorrow, that I am obliged to pay for the patent and it is in Your power to save me, honord [sic] Sir and my son, from entire ruin, in felicitating me the beginning as I am not able to pay the Sum of 100.0.0, may God incline Your heart to be instrumental in so doing, I most thankfuly shall offer You, Sir one of my highly finished Miniature paintings and Your well known benevolent disposition, induces me to mention adressing myself to your kind consideration in my present most urgent position

I remain honord sir Your most obedt Servant
Fredrich Droge.

6. May 1853.


1. Written on notepaper dry embossed with this address. Although Droege is not listed in either the 1848 or 1851 or London Post Office Directory, this address was the home of several artists and craftsmen. The partnership of Droege & Wirth (Heine Wirth, b. 1812) operated a photographic studio at this address from 1852-1853 and Droege alone the year after. Following his death in 1854, the studio was taken over by the firm of Aglio & Absolen.

2. Chevalier Christian Karl Josias Bunsen (1761-1860), German diplomat and scholar; Prussian Ambassador in London from 1841-1854; created Freiherr von Bunsen in 1857.

3. This letter has not been located, but a subsequent letter of support from Bunsen is Doc. No: 06812.

4. This was probably Rudolph Appel, his partner in an anastatic printing business at 43, Gerard Street, London; the partnership was dissolved in December 1852.

5. Droege exhibited an anastatic portrait of Alexander von Humboldt, the original from life, at the Great Exhibition of 1851; he was listed as miniature painter to his Majesty the King of Prussia.

6. Having.