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Document number: 10012
Date: 03 Jun 1833
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FITGERALD Robert
Collection: Bodleian Library, Oxford - Fox Talbot Personal Archive
Collection number: FT10034
Last updated: 24th April 2015

3 Mason Place
Stangate St. Lambeth
June 3d. 1833.


You are not wont to turn a deaf ear to distress like mine, nor would you hesitate to grant me a temporary assistance were you satisfied of the state I am in, and that you take me for some other person- Now Sir, allow me to state that I never applied to you before Friday last- and in presuming to press you further on the subject of my letter of that day, allow me to impress on your mind what my feelings must be, my wife recently out of confinement without a single necessary to make use of, even common nutrient, and my Children Seven of them literally starving before me I feel the pang of Nature, paternal affection yearns within me, it almost drives me to distraction.

Nothing but these appalling circumstances could induce me to importune you further- I therefore entreat you to give my case your more mature consideration and grant me some pecuniary assistance.

I have the honor to be Sir, Your most obedient & very humble Servant
Robert Fitzgerald

formerly of the Commissariats Staff
& late of Doctors Commons

My oldest daughter the bearer of this will wait your answer - You may form some idea of the state I am in when I declare to you food has not entered my lips the last 48 hours - and while I am writing this my children are round me crying for bread.

[Address panel:]
H. F. Talbot Esqr. M.P.
Albemarle St.