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Document number: 7245
Date: 10 Mar 1856
Recipient: FORBES James David
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Univ of St Andrews Special Collections Scotland
Collection number: MS Dep 7 1856/28
Last updated: 12th July 2010

Athenĉum <1> London
March 10/56

Dr Sir

I am much obliged by Your letter. <2> I expect to be in Edinburgh Friday or Saturday – In reply to your question about the steel engravings, <3> they are entirely the product of Photography aided by Chemical action, and have not been touched in any way by an artistic hand – Some of them look as if the shadows were effected by the cross cutting of a graver’s tool but it is really the shadow of a piece of black crape or rather of two pieces laid diagonally one over the other.

Believe me Yours very Truly
H. F. Talbot

Profr Forbes


1. The Athenĉum and (London) Literary Chronicle, London.

2. Doc. No: 07244.

3. Photographic engravings.

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