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Document number: 5599
Date: 09 Mar 1846
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003


March 9. 1846

Dear Sir,

The alterations must stand as regards the expences, our intentions being that Mess <sic> Fussell should be saved <harmless?>, but we did not in the Abstract sent extend the Title of beyond Mr Fussells Conveyce with a view of saving expence to you as we presumed you had yourself <sic> the deduction of the Montagues <sic> Title –

Mr Fussells Purchase was completed by our predecessor in business Mr F Locke and we have no doubt he was fully satisfied at the time – the charges in this matter will be the ordinary ones which can be arranged with your Solicitor

No Correspondence has taken place with the Companys Agents beyond that Communicated to you. Mess <sic> Drivers Letter of the 3rd instant which crossed our last we send you a Copy of but we have not thought it required any reply and we consider it better you should rest more assurance on this matter than import the assurance into the Agreement by the Mess <sic> Fussell

Mr S Fussell has been with us this Morning and stated the result of a Meeting that took place on Saturday relative to the alteration of Wick Lane at which Mr Bailey Mr Little Mr <Curnick?> and the Companys Engineers were present and it appeared the wish of all parties that the intended diversion of Wick Lane should commence at the Corner of Mr Fussells Field instead of the point before proposed as marked in the sketch inclosed <sic> – this will have the effect of severing a much larger portion of the field than was contemplated and leave about 2 acres only for Mr Fussell and he has therefore authorized us to say that if you choose to purchase the whole field he will consent to sell the same absolutely at £900 which is placing the latter 2 acres at the price of £116 per acre only and saving you all expences attending a <Reconveyance?>

We shall be glad with your determination as early as you can from the inconvenient position in which both Mr Fussell and ourselves are placed with the Companys Agents

We are Dear Sir Yours very obedntly

Goldney & Fellowes

W. H. F. Talbot Esq

T. O.

The Companys Engineer is quite willing to consent to the diversion of the Lane and in the event of the Field remaining <with us?> we should call upon them and have little doubt they would agree to purchase the whole.

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