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Document number: 7845
Date: 11 Apr 1859
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: JAMES Henry
Collection: Royal Photographic Society Coll, National Media Museum, Bradford
Last updated: 19th April 2012

[engraved letterhead/address:]
Ordnance Survey Office.

11th April 1859.

My dear Sir,

The three specimens of maps from plates engraved by the photoglyphic process are very encouraging, and I feel pretty certain of ultimate success I send a photograph of Hill features which were drawn on a six-inch impression, from which you will see the sort of drawing which we should prepare for the photoglyphic process the outline would be previously engraved, and with the writing [illegible] on the Scales required If there is no secret about the photoglyphic process which you do not wish to disclose at present, I should like to know how it is done. Is there any account of it printed?

Yours truly
H. James.

Fox Talbot Esqre

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