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Document number: 8763
Date: Dec 1863
Dating: after 11 Dec (Doc no 08770) and before 17 Dec (Doc no 08771)
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MEREWETHER Henry Alworth, jnr Doc. No.:4
Author 2:
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA63-93
Last updated: 2nd February 2018

[multiple authors]<1>

Lacock –
December – 1863.

Dear Mr Talbot,

We whose names are attached to this note have heard that a Memorial from the parish has been addressed to you with reference to the vacancy created by the death of Mr Paley. <2>

We have not added our names to that Memorial, lest we should even remotely appear to be interfering with your private discretion and judgment on the matter –

But as our silence might be interpreted as indifference we venture to say privately, that if it should prove acceptable to your own views to appoint Mr Blomfield, <3> we thoroughly share the unanimous feeling, that such an appointment would be most conducive to the benefit, and well being of the Parish.

J W Awdry
H: B: Caldwell
H G Awdry
H. A. Merewether–

with Miss Gladstone’s
sanction / H. A. M –


1. This is most likely in the hand of Henry Alworth Merewether, jnr (1813–1877), JP, author & Recorder for Devizes, but just possibly his father Henry Alworth Merewether, snr (1780–1864), author, barrister, Town Clerk of London & Sergeant-at-Law – less likely geographically.

2. Rev James Paley (1790-1863), Vicar at Lacock 1814-1853.

3. Arthur Blomfield (b. 1827), curate of Lacock. He had been curate since 1854.

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