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Document number: 6215
Date: 09 Mar 1849
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: MONTGOMERIE George Stephen Molyneux
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: envelope 20208
Last updated: 16th February 2012

March 9th 49

My dear Talbot –

Is there any chance of finding you in Town next week, I shall be going through on my no way either to Dover or St Leonards & should be glad of a glimpse of you either there or on my way back three weeks hence – I have been very unwell & as I don’t get right I am advised on a change of air for a short time & as my brother T. & his wife are at St Leonards I think of trying that place for a fortnight – I have heard nothing from our friends at Rome where matters seem more complicated than ever, but I suppose it will end by the Austrians marching upon them, & sarve [sic] them right – If you happen to be writing will you tell Ly Mt E. that I despatched her a long letter some little time ago & directed to Palazzo Spina, I forget for how long. You said they had engaged it but I suppose my letter will have found them still there though it is but a week ago that I wrote – We still continue to have fine weather here upon the whole, an occasional snow storm by way of variety but it does not lay [sic] long on the ground & our agricultural operations have not in the least been impeded – In fact all we want is better prices, but I fear that with free trade, however well it may answer in other respects, in corn it is a humbug so far as keeping it at a remunerating price, (as we had been so often assured it would!), I suppose however there is no help for us & that the agricultural & colonial interests are doomed to be sacrificed to the cotton Lords! addio – I leave Garbm on Monday next

Er Ys truly

Henry F. Talbot Esq
Lacock Abbey

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