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Document number: 587
Date: 25 Jun 1813
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: NICHOLL Jane Harriot, née Talbot
Collection: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Chippenham
Collection number: Lacock Abbey Deposit WRO 2664
Last updated: 21st February 2012

Ιυνη 25θ 1813

Αρε ιου νοτ συρπριζε δ ατ σεεινγ με σο λεαρνεδ? Ι θινκ θε παθ ιου προποσεδ ιυιλλ β ε υερι πλεασαντ ινδεεδ. Θε δεαρ βοι φιδδλε ισ ατ μι σιδε σπεακινγ ιν μι εαρ λικε α σπεακινγ τρυμπετ, ανδ βαυλινγ λικε αν ολδ ραυεν.

ιουρ υερι α φφεκτιον ατε Κουσιν

Ιανε Αρριοτ Ταλβοτ


Θε βοι λικεσ το ιυρι τε το ιου Α α Λατιν Λεττερ, σο ιου μυστ εξκυσε μι λεαυινγ οφφ σο σοον. Θε βοι κα με το πενρικε <1> ον Μονδαι, Μισσ Βενκ, Καρρι ανδ Ι βρουγθ θε βοι φομ Μαργαμ, ιν θεΧασε ανδ α λιττλε δογ, α βασκετ οφ ροσε σ ανδ νοσεψαισ ιν ευετι ποκκετ, Ι καν ασσυρε ιου ιτ ιυασ α βοωερ οφ φλοιυερσ. Ι δο νοτ θινκ θε βοι ισ [illegible deletion] γοινγ το ιυριτ ε, ανδ Ι ιυιλλ νοτ ιυριτε ανι οφ μι σορτ οφ γρεεκ, σο γοοδ νιγθ μι δεαρ Κουσιν ασ Ι μυστ γο το βεδ –Ι μ υ σ τ ιντενδ δρεαμινγ οφ μι δεαρ Κουσιν Ανρι. δρεαμ οφ με. –

τυρν ουερ <2>

I have now got so well acquainted with the Greek Characters that I wrote the last part without an Alphabet altho’ I never knew any before this letter was written – I will console you supposing you did not read it) with the thoughts of its not being worth hearing – I had a letter from Aunt Susan <3> a few days ago she writes so very amusingly that it really is instructive to [illegible deletion] corespond [sic] with her – I like your Mock Tragedy very much indeed I have got the first part of what you sent before, I stole it from you one day at Clifton, <4> and after that you gave it to me – As to the [Vinny?] I am become quite outrageous about its being kept we must have it – We will have nothing but the real good solid [Vinny?] it self we will have it I do not say what is to done [sic] to you if I do not receive it shortly – I am in such a rag (as Mr Feilding says <5>) that I cannot write any more. However I wish you were here t that I might vent my anger upon you – We all (tho’ I have not enquired) send our most tender love to our dear Cousin Henry.

Believe me your very affet Cousin
J H Talbot

W. H. Fox Talbot
Dr Butler’s
Harrow School
Penrice. June 25th 1813. <6>


1. Penrice Castle and Penrice House, Gower, Glamorgan, 10 mi SW of Swansea: home of Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot.

2. Dear Cousin, Are you not surprized at seeing me so learned? I think the path you proposed will be very pleasant indeed. The dear boy fiddle is at my side speaking in my ear like a speaking trumpet, and bawling like an old raven. your very affectionate Cousin Jane Harriot Talbot P.S. The Boy likes to write to you a Latin Letter, so you must excuse my leaving off so soon. The Boy came to Penrice on Monday, Miss Benk, Carrie and I brought the Boy from Margam, in the Chaise and a little dog, a basket of roses and nosegays in every pocket, I can assure you it was a bower of flowers. I do not think the Boy is [illegible deletion] going to write, and I will not write any of my sort of Greek, so good night my dear Kousin as I must go to bed – I must intend dreaming of my dear Cousin Henry. dream of me.

3. Susannah Sarah Louisa O’Brien, née Strangways (1743–1827), WHFT’s great aunt.

4. Clifton, Bristol, on the Avon Gorge.

5. Rear Admiral Charles Feilding (1780–1837), Royal Navy; WHFT’s step-father.

6. Written at the back of address panel in another hand.

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