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Document number: 2253
Date: Thu 17 Nov 1831
Postmark: 17 Nov 1831
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: NICHOLL Jane Harriot, née Talbot
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 16th December 2010


My dear Henry,

You must not imagine that I waited for the formal announcement of your good news <1> before I sent my congratulations for I assure you I never expected to have a letter all for myself. We are indeed all delighted – we are certain of Lord Valletort’s good fortune & we hope that dear Caroline’s is equally so but we must require time to prove it. I have heard him always spoken of in such high terms that I cannot but feel that she has chosen wisely. I pity poor Horatia, <2> give my kindest love to her & tell her I hope she will follow the good example Caroline has set her. Pray write to me very soon & tell me all I want to know, that is the when’s & where’s & how’s. Mama <3> is a little better today but still very indifferent & we cannot but help feeling very uneasy a bout her altogether, she is certainly thinner than when she was in Town. Give my kind love to Aunt Lily <4> I hope I shall see her before I go to Town which will be about Christmas. I have left half my flock at Coedriglan. <5> Mr Nicholl <6> is in Town – he was delighted to hear your good news & says he must think well of Lord Valletort’s taste at all events!

Write soon –

Yours affly
Jane H. Nicholl

W. H. Fox Talbot Esqre
Lacock Abbey


1. A reference to the marriage of Caroline Augusta Edgcumbe, née Feilding, Lady Mt Edgcumbe (1808–1881); WHFT’s half-sister to Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe, Lord Valletort, 3rd Earl of Mt Edgcumbe (1797–1861), WHFT’s brother-in-law.

2. Henrietta Horatia Maria Gaisford, née Feilding (1810–1851), WHFT’s half-sister.

3. Lady Mary Lucy Cole, née Strangways, first m. Talbot (1776–1855), WHFT’s aunt.

4. Lady Elisabeth Theresa Feilding, née Fox Strangways, first m Talbot (1773–1846), WHFT’s mother.

5. Coedriglan, near Cardiff, Wales: home of the Rev John Montgomerie Traherne, husband of WHFT’s cousin Charlotte.

6. Dr John Nicholl (1797–1853), MP.

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