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Document number: 10027
Date: Tue 19 Sep 1876
Dating: year determined by death of Amélina Petit de Billier
Recipient: PETIT DE BILLIER Mssr [nephew]
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: Bodleian Library, Oxford - Fox Talbot Personal Archive
Collection number: FT10057
Last updated: 24th April 2015

[The precise recipient of this letter has yet to be established. Amélina Petit de Billier had at least two nephews, Frederic and Fritz, but their surnames were never indicated in her known correspondence. It is likely that WHFT's letter was directed to one of these nephews.]

Lacock Abbey, Tuesday
September 19th

Dear M. de Billier

Your letter was received yesterday, which you wrote from Paris in reply to Mrs Talbot's letter.

I was sure that you would be deeply grieved to hear of the death of your beloved Aunt. We have all mourned for her as for a relative of our own.

The funeral took place on last Tuesday the 12th September all the members of my family who were at Lacock attended the Ceremony.

Your Aunt left a Will duly executed dated in the year 1861 by which she bequeathed all her effects to me in testimony of our long friendship and she had previously made known her last wishes to us, so that there was nothing remaining as to which we required assistance, but everything has been done with the greatest care and solicitude.

If you have time enough left before you return to America we hope to see you here, but shall be glad of a few days notice that we may not be absent.

Believe me yours faithfully

Henry F. Talbot