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Document number: 1687
Date: 03 Jan 1833
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: RICHARDSON Henry F
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 24th January 2013

Agricultural Employment Institution
No 3 Old Jewry


I have the honor at the request of the Directors of this Institution to enclose you a Prospectus <1> and earnestly to solicit your kind attention to the objects which its promoters have in view, a consideration of which is only necessary to ensure from you that support which its claims upon philanthropy entitle it to expect from your known liberality

The allotment of small plots of Land for cultivation by Spade husbandry would be of incalculable advantage to the Agricultural Poor – many individuals have introduced the practice on their Estates with great success, but at present it has not been carried to an extent to check the tide of Pauperism

Those who live amidst our rural population have unfortunately daily proofs before their eyes of the demoralised state of the lower orders, arising from distress, the consequence of want of employment; and the Directors of this Establishment humbly submit that the effect of this Institution must be to avert these calamities, and to restore them to that healthful and contented station which they once enjoyed. – From you the Directors hope for some support, and permit me to say that the Collector, or a Deputation if required, will have the honor of waiting on your to afford such further explanations as may be required

Waiting a reply,
I have the honor to be, Your most obedient humble Servant,
Henry L Richardson

James Gye, Collector,
3, Old Jewry 20, Downing Street

Who is duly authorized to receive Subscriptions, and to whom any communication will be addressed.

W. H. F. Talbot Esqre MP
Lacock Abbey
near Chippenham


1. The enclosed four page printed bill for the Agricultural Employment Institution issues a plan to afford ‘Employment to the unemployed poor in the cultivation of the land’, which is to distribute small pieces of land to the poor through lease. The ‘Dutch poor colony of Frederick’s Oord’ established in 1818 with the revenue of a national collection is held forward as an example.

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