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Document number: 7835
Date: 29 Mar 1859
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: ROSS Horatio
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA59-18
Last updated: 17th February 2012

Near Stonehaven. N.B.
29 March 1859

Dear Sir

On the 9th March I wrote to you, & informed you that the Photographic Society of Scotland had voted their gold medal to you, as a mark of their respect, & of their gratitude to you as the great discoverer of the Photographic art -

I at the same time in the name of the Society expressed a hope that you might be able to do them the honour of joining them at their meeting on the 12 April, when the medal would be ready for your acceptance -

I took the liberty of asking you to let me know when & where a deputation of the Society might be permitted to wait on you to present the medal, in the event of your not being able to come to our meeting -

Up to this date I have not received any reply to my letter, I am therefore afraid that you may not have received it - & think it right to to [sic] send a second communication -<1>

I am Dear Sir Your faithful servant
Horatio Ross


1. WHFT had been ill and had remained at Lacock during this period. He finally made it to Edinburgh but had to write to Charles Kinnear, the President of the Society, in April, thanking them for the honour and explaining why he couldn't appear at the meeting - see Doc. No: 07840. In May, the medal was delivered for safekeeping to Constance Talbot, then in Edinburgh - see Doc. No: 05279.

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