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Document number: 6186
Date: 08 May 1875
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: SCHRADER Eberhard
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003


8.Mai 1875.

Dear Sir!

Many thanks for the kindness you have had to send me your annotations <1> to the deluge-tablets! I hope they will be for me of great help in studying the deluge-account. I send you with this an article: Assyrish-Biblisches II, <2> which will have perhaps some interest for you. My answer to Mr. Halévy <3> in the Zeitschrift der Deutsch-Morgenl-Gesellschaft <4> will soon be ready and I shall send you a copy of it.

I remain, dear Sir, Yours truly

Eb. Schrader

As you will have heard I am created professor of the oriental languages at the Berlin University, <5> especially for the Ethiopic Hebrew and the Assyrian language. I shall start for Berlin with my family on the 1. October. –


1. In May of 1875, William Henry Fox Talbot (1800–1877) read a commentary on the Deluge tablet before the Society of Biblical Archaeology, it was published in Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, vol. 4, part 1, June 1875, p. 49–83, and also privately as, Commentary on the Deluge Tablet, together with a second tablet in the British Museum relating apparently to the Deluge (London: Harrison & Sons, 1875). Both publications would have been printed up by May, in a state fit to send to Schrader.

2. Eberhard Schrader, Die assyrisch-babylonischen Keilinschriften(Leipzig: Brockhaus). The first volume was published in 1872, there were eventually three volumes.

3. Joseph Halévy (1827–1917)

4. Eberhard Schrader, ‘Ist die Akkadische der Keilinschriften eine Sprache oder ein Schrift’, Zeitschrift der Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft 1875, pp. 1–52.

5. Humboldt University, Berlin

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