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Document number: 3045
Date: 25 Jan 1835
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: SCROPE George Julius Duncombe Poulett
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA35-2
Last updated: 8th March 2012

Castle Combe
Jany 25th 1835

Dear Talbot,

I send you a line of introduction to Grote. He is a clearheaded man, but you must give him time to work off his thoughts, which flow from him with a difficulty proportioned to the strength of their staple.

I saw William Horlock <1> yesterday, and as I had anticipated, found the affair to comprehend a double misunderstanding. He had been told by Lord Kerry <2> that you did not object to [illegible deletion] his trying your wood – Lord K. having understood so, not from yourself, but from Capt Feilding. <3> Horlock is satisfied that you were justified in stopping him the other morning, while under the impression that he had received no permission subsequent to your refusal of two years back. And he undertakes to represent it in this light to the field who may with him give your cover a benefit some day before the close of the season. On your side I hope you are satisfied that he was led into the error by Lord Kerry’s supposed authority from Capt Fielding, (who as the greater sportsman of the two, might well be supposed to be most jealous of the tranquillity of the pheasants) – and in my opinion you will do well in letting the matter drop entirely, neither taxing Lord Kerry, nor any one else, with misconduct in an affair which is so completely accounted for by obvious misunderstandings on all sides. It rests very well as it is. Your character & conduct will be set right by H. with the Hunt – and this is all you can wish for I imagine in the matter. Horlock proposed to call on you, & explain; but as it is his busiest season, I told him you would excuse that, and assured him I had your authority to say, that in the event of the [illegible deletion] late misunderstanding being cleaned up, he was welcome to try your wood when it suited his sport.

Believe me, Dear Talbot,
ever your’s
G Poulett Scrope


1. Knightley William Horlock (1802–1882), author & huntsman.

2. William Thomas Fitzmaurice, Earl of Kerry (1811–1836), MP.

3. Rear Admiral Charles Feilding (1780–1837), Royal Navy; WHFT’s step-father.

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