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Document number: 4745
Date: 02 Mar 1842
Dating: corrected to calendar
Harold White: 3 Mar 1842
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: SHAKESPEAR Henrietta
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 3rd August 2010

Dear Sir

I have been requested by my poor Sister <1> to write to you to inform you of the severe affliction wh has lately befallen her in the death of her dear Husband, <2> & should have done so last week but I was unavoidably prevented.

You will I think be glad to hear that her health has not materially suffered from the many many anxious months of watching night and day – which she has had, though it must be long ’ere her mind can become reconciled to her loss, she is however bearing up with the greatest fortitude & resignation. She is obliged to seek a home elsewhere & as her income is only £300 a year, she is therefore most anxious to do her utmost to educate her two sons as economically as possible, & is exerting herself to obtain a Presentation <3> to the Charter House, Should you be able to assist her in any way with the Governors, She feels sure you will not forget her & I need not add how grateful we shall feel to you for such assistance – She begs me to give her love to you, & believe me,

my dear Sir Yrs truly
Henrietta Shakespear

Broxbourne Vicarage
Waltham Cross. –
March 2d –


1. Mary Anne Thackeray, nιe Shakespear (1793–1850); WHFT's cousin.

2. Francis Thackeray (1793–1842), author.

3. Sponsorship.