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Document number: 9383
Date: 24 Jun 1868
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: SMITH Daniel
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: envelope 22037
Last updated: 10th June 2013

June 24th 1868

To Fox Talbot Esqre


As a last hope I make an appeal to you. I have written to Sir H Rawlinson, I have seen Mr Norris neither of whom will even look into what I am about offering to yourself. Nothing but a strong sense of duty to my Country could have induced me to try once more to awaken an interest in the Mind of one, who may possibly not be so committed to a Theory considered by many to be erroneous, as the Gentlemen I have named above. Suffice it to say 20 years since in the year 1848, I discovered (What subsequent study has proved to be correct) The true Alphabetical Key to the Cuneiform writings. soon after my discovery, adverse circumstances compelled me to go to Australia, but for the last 11 years the greatest portion of my time has been devoted to the unravelling of the Mysterious writings of Assyria and with some considerable success, and the result of my studies is the Publication of a Book, The Ancient Ones of the Earth. <1>which has been most favourably received by all the Colonial Journalists. My discovery consists of an Alphabet of a simple 19 letters, in strict accordance in number and form with all the early [illegible mark or symbol] Alphabets of the World, it is so remarkably simple, that seeing is almost believing, and the language elicited by means of the 19 letters, Nineteen out of every twenty words were Pure Hebrew, significant of the subject touched upon. This is no phantazy of the Mind, since my return to England it has been seen by several Learned Men who well known, who firmly believes I have got the right thing. I am quite willing to submit my theory to yourself for inspection.

I am able to give the most conclusive evidence as to the truth of my theory should you favour me with an interview all may be well, but if not, I shall console myself with the consciousness that I have done my duty. I have left no stone unturned to awaken an interest in the Minds of my Countrymen, I have delivered lectures well attended, but the Press is shut against me therefore it has not become known. Should you feel inclined to grant me my request an answer naming time & place will much oblige

D Smith

36 Marylebone Lane W. London.

[manuscript cuneiform]

W. H. Fox Talbot Esqre. F.R.S.
Lacock Abbey
[added in WHFT's hand:] ....Smith


1. Smith, Qadmay ha-ares, or the Ancient Ones of the Earth, being the History of the Primitive Alphabet, Lately Demonstrated by the Author (Melbourne: T Harwood, 1864).