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Document number: 197
Date: Sun
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Constance, née Mundy
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 31st December 2012

Waterhead <1>

My dear Henry

I have a large packet 4 letters <2> of miscellaneous looking letters to send you – perhaps you may not care for them all, but I send them for fear of doing wrong – We had a most prosperous day’s shopping yesterday at Kendal and found the tradespeople very civil, though their stock of such goods as we wanted rather small – Mr Allen, the blanket-man, wanted to send an order to Manchester for the whole but as there seemed a possibility of the goods not being delivered soon enough for [illegible deletion] our use at Grasmere on Thursday, we urged him to try for the requisite number at other shops in Kendal, which he did – and all were collected & submitted to our inspection – They will be sent by Carrier tomorrow, & the pillows & beds on Wednesday – Mr Horn the upholsterer is the most agreeable, civil man to deal with that it is possible to meet; and the bedding scarcely so expensive as I had expected. There was rather a bustle in the town from its being market-day – We went by the road in about 2 hours & were satisfied with our choice – indeed the train would have allowed insufficient time – On Friday I went to the Cottage with Jones <3> – and examined into everything & gave some orders – We found a dome lamp for the drawing room, requiring but little repair – and a few other useful things. That day was fully occupied with taking thought, & preparations for Kendal yesterday.

Today we dine rather earlier & are going to Church in cars.

I have excellent accounts of Charles <4> both from himself & Mrs Williams <5> – I wished to have bought him a little boat or ship yesterday – that he might float on the cold bath in the garden at Grasmere – but the toy-shops offered nothing of the sort – If you could buy something in London no matter how common, provided it will float or sail, I should like it –

your affte

I was agreeably surprised by your letter on Friday morning.


1. Lakes District.

2. See Doc. No: 05890.

3. Jones, servant.

4. Charles Henry Talbot (1842–1916), antiquary & WHFT’s only son.

5. Emma Williams, from Asheworth Vicarage.

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