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Document number: 2447
Date: Tue 30 Oct 1832
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Constance, née Mundy
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA32-55
Last updated: 29th October 2010

Dear Mr Talbot <1>

You were very kind indeed not to disappoint my hopes of hearing from you from your Sundays resting-place. It would have been a long long time to have waited for a letter from you till after your arrival at Lacock. I am very sorry you had a rainy day at Lichfield as I think nothing makes one more melancholy than to find oneself at a strange place in bad weather, & in this instance you were particularly unfortunate as it did not begin to rain here till late in the evening. I hope the letter which came for you the day after you left us will reach Lacock in safety without being the worse for the circuitous route it has taken we did not send it to Lichfield because we thought it might not arrive before you were gone.

I have not yet begun to read the Abbot <2> as I preferred waiting till nearer the time when I imagined it possible that you might take it up also besides, my thoughts were so busily engaged in looking back upon the events of the last few days & enjoying over again all that I then enjoyed, that I had no inclination to turn them immediately upon any other subject. Last night I contented myself with reading Undine, <3> but this evening I think of indulging myself with the Abbot.

Harriot <4> talks of driving to Willington, to pay a morning visit to her future residence, in which case I purpose accompanying her as I am rather impatient to see it. I do not think that they will be able to take possession quite so soon as they expected, the preparatory arrangements not being quite completed.

I need scarcely say how delighted I shall be to hear from you again nor how anxiously your return will be expected by

your affectionate

Markeaton <5>
Tuesday 30.

Henry Fox Talbot Esqr
Lacock Abbey


1. They were not yet married.

2. Sir Walter Scott, The Abbot (1820).

3. Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqu, Undine (1811).

4. Harriot Georgiana Mundy, ne Frampton (1806-1886), WHFTs cousin & sister-in-law.

5. Markeaton Hall, Derbyshire, NW of Derby: home of the Mundy family.

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