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Document number: 6959
Date: 16 May 1854
Dating: 1854?
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Ela Theresa
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 21st February 2012

Greta Bank –
16 May

My dear Papa,

We admired your crimson Ixia very much; though its colour was somewhat faded we could see it must have been a beautiful flower when fresh – I hope they will do as well another year, and not deteriorate as so many of the bulbs do –

We have had much the same weather as you at Lacock, cold easterly winds (checking the trees, ready to burst into leaf;) gloomy and dull till within the last week, since which summer weather has prevailed, some days being hot and beautifully fine, and others, like the present one mild and rainy. – Already every thing is much greener, – the lilacs are nearly out, and the buds on the Laburnums turning yellow; we have also two beautiful Azalias in the garden, a pink and yellow, but I fear we shall hardly see the rhododendrons –

In the greenhouse there is a very sweet sort of Magnolia which I do not think we have got, with small brown flowers, called Magnolia fragrans, and I wish Wilkins would cultivate calceolarias, as he did one year, they make such a beautiful show and last so long in flower. – Did you remark whether the Cumberland auriculas in our garden were doing well?

The other day a man from Brigham came to offer us, a pretty little yellow terrier for sale, a nice lively little dog very much like our poor Gipsy, – but as we did not wish to have her for ourselves Mamma thought of offering her to Sir John Woodford, as his family are now reduced to four, and are getting old besides, and it was a charity to release the little creature from it’s state of confinement, as its master kept it constantly shut up, for fear of its running into the neighbouring gardens. – Sir John accepted her with great pleasure, and she now established at Derwentwater bay, and I hope will be happy with the others –

Some tourists have already appeared in the country, – and a few days ago, we saw a party going up Skiddaw – We hope that you will have fine weather for your excursion in Wales, and that you will not make your cold worse by travelling; and remaining in Chilly Inns. –

I direct my letter to Chester as you desire, though I dare say this rain will detain you at Lacock a little longer. Last Monday Mamma, my sisters and Mamie went to a grand music party at Barrow and it was nearly twelve oclock before they were home; a very late hour for this country –

Mr and Mrs Spedding are not yet returned to Mire house, but are expected I believe at the end of this week – Margaret came and spent the day with us on Wednesday, and we had the little Southeys to meet her – they seemed very happy, but as the day was showery, we could not take the long walk, which we had proposed which we rather regretted –

Good bye dear Papa, as we shall see you so soon I will not lengthen my letter,

Yr affte and dutiful daughter

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