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Document number: 6961
Date: Thu 18 May 1854
Harold White: 18 May 1854
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Ela Theresa
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: Acc no 20812 (envelope only)
Last updated: 11th October 2014

[added in another hand:}
May 18 1854

My dear Papa,

We have just been drinking tea and eating shrimps after our cold voyage. We were in very good time for the steamer in spite of all our alarm and if the day had been brighter it would have been very pleasant, but it was gloomy all the time and it came on to rain and blow when we were about half way; most of the ladies were sick, Mamma among the number, but I remained quite well all the time, the only difference I perceived was the keeness [sic] of my appetite, of which you may judge when I tell you that I eat [sic] a very good luncheon, could have stuffed several biscuits afterwards if I had had them and have had some mutton chops since I came in. –

Mr Gilder <1> was waiting for us on the pier and received us very kindly, brought us to the York Hotel, saw that we had a good fire and everything comfortable and then left us, promising to come at seven and see if we were we are inclined to walk up to Aunt Marian’s. –

The only thing we remember to have forgotten is the catalogue of the chrystal [sic] Palace; we hope you will take care of it, and that you have been kind enough to remember the catalogue Atlas and the book to return to Aunt Harriet.

Good bye Dear Papa, Your affecte and dutiful daughter

Mama is better now, but she was very uncomfortable all day. – We lost our buns & biscuits in the steamer, because our wits were frozen – but we lost nothing else except the pockethanchf in which they were tied – Take care to eat the Cocoa paste if you can – it is very good – and don’t forget your engagement for Monday to travel down to Lacock with us, by the 12 o’clock train. Our cold voyage inclines me to be in better humour with railways – otherwise odious!

York Hotel
Thursday ½ past 6 –

Post goes out at nine –

H F Talbot. Esqre
Athæum Club


1. Her unt, Marian Gilder, née Mundy (1806 – 14 October 1860), married 6 August 1844 William Troward Gilder (d. 1871), Army Surgeon (ret).

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