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Document number: 8881
Date: 26 Sep 1855
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Ela Theresa
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st July 2016

East Ferry Cottage
Sept 26/55.

My dear Papa

Since we have been here, we have enjoyed the most delightful weather possible, every day has been fine but one, and then it only rained in the morning. Last Saturday was so very hot that we could not remain in the drawing room, it was just like an oven, and we remained all day sitting in the garden with our books &c, it being much too warm to venture far.

The first walk we took was through the wood behind the house and passed the farm which you visited the other day, along following a pretty little mountain road for some distance; then turning to the right we entered a beautiful wood of birches and firs on the mountain side; the trees are very fine and well grouped, & the birches are just beginning to turn colour, and in a week or so will be lovely. We crossed the bed of a pretty little torrent and then rejoining the old road had a good view of the lake of Lowes which we could easily have reached, had it not been late.

Returning another way through the town we were fortunate enough to see a beautiful sunset on the river which glittered like gold and detained us some time in admiration.

Yesterday we had intended to have seen the grounds of the Duke of Atholl, but the afternoon was hazy and we resolved to wait for a bright day; so instead we took a beautiful drive along the road to Blair Atholl through a forest of firs, pines, larches and beeches, growing in some places out of the bare rock and wildly picturesque; the Scotch firs particularly, grouped among st the crags looked very grand; the road, which perhaps you remember is on the mountain side with woods above and below you.

We hope dear Papa you are comfortable at Lacock, it must be looking rather dull I fear.

I am obliged to finish in a hurry as it is post time,

Yr affecte daughter

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