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Document number: 9768
Date: 04 Apr 1871
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: GILCHRIST-CLARK Matilda Caroline, née Talbot
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003



April 4th 1871

My dear Papa,

I was going to write & tell you that John had gone off to Malvern, to pay a visit to the school we had heard so much of at Malvern Wells – but I heard from Mary that she had told you of his going, so I waited to tell you the result – I am glad to say that John liked the appearance of school, Schoolmaster, (Mr Essex) and boys, very much – he was just in time to see the latter, as they disperse today for the Easter Holidays – he went over all the house, and made himself acquainted with all the arrangements, which seem satisfactory – there was no disorder or confusion, though they were all getting their things packed up &c. – There was one vacancy – of which we have taken advantage, and it was settled for Jack to go when the school resumes, after the Easter Holidays – so he will begin his school career in about three weeks from this time – I think the day is the 27th of April – It seems rather sudden for him now, to have such short notice – but I think it is just as well, as knowing it im for a longer time before hand – as he has been aware that some school was talked of for him, since the winter – He received the intelligence this morning in the most satisfactory manner – and is just now in the highest spirits – quite excited about it – very likely he will mind it more when the day comes nearer, but I dare say he will not feel the separation at first as much as the others who are left behind – as the novelty of it is so great. – I should not be surprised if going back after the Midsummer holidays was more of a trial; but he is a sociable boy, & will soon make friends – Mr Essex does not object to his ignorance of Latin – as he says he very often finds boys so ill taught that it is more trouble than beginning them from the first principles – and he thinks English spelling & a good hand of more <g?> consequence – in both these points Jack is, I think forward for his age – the address is

Thomas Essex Esqr

May Place

Malvern Wells –

John had a very rapid journey – He left this on Saturday night at ½ past ten – arrived at Malvern, after three changes, (Carlisle, Stafford and Worcester) at ½ past ten the following, Sunday, morning – breakfasted – walked about & surveyed the country during Sunday – & actually went to the afternoon service at the Abbey church – after 9 at night he felt “rather sleepy”. & went to bed early – on Monday morning he went to May Place, got the whole of the arrangements completed – & spent some time there. – then met some friend from this part of the world, who asked him to an early dinner – which he accepted – and afterwards prepared for his return journey – starting at 7 last night – & arriving here at ½ past seven this morning! – he declares he is not the least tired – and proved it, I think by going off directly after breakfast to a road-meeting at Thornhill –

I was very much interested to see the Anemone you sent me it looks very much like a wild wood one dyed yellow! it is a pretty little thing – I never saw it before. Love to all – I will write to Monie tomorrow if possible –

yr most affecte daughter


Will you tell Monie that Millar has never sent the lid of the rose or any of the other things.

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