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Document number: 7777
Date: 18 Dec 1858
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: GILCHRIST-CLARK Matilda Caroline, née Talbot
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA58-118
Last updated: 17th August 2016

11 Randolph Crescent
December the 18th

My dear Papa

Mama received your letter this morning, and desires me to thank you for it. We cannot help feeling half glad at your having had the same disagreable [sic] weather which we are experiencing at present; for, knowing the rest of the world to be equally unfortunate, we must take patience till it chooses to become fine again. I shall expect you here on the 22d, as I think the you will select the shortest day of the year for travelling on account of its novelty; and for convenience it makes little difference. Yesterday evening Mama & I went to the private view of the Photographic Exhibition, for which Mr Watson had kindly procured us some invitations; we were delighted with it, for though not very numerous, it is I think the best collection I ever saw. There are some curious views of the moon, & some portraits the size of life. I think the latter do not produce a pleasing effect, being hard. We met Mr Ross (of portrait celebrity) who seemed very much pleased to see us, and showed us everything worth He was completely in his element, and looked so happy, and even excited about them. He has heard a great deal about your engraving, but has not yet seen any specimens; so I promised to ask you if you would give him two or three; at which he appeared delighted: being quite an enthusiast in everything Photographic, he is I am sure, quite worthy to possess some.

We also met Professor Kelland yesterday, who enquired particularly when you were expected; and Professor Playfair has put his laboratory at your disposal to make experiments, and he says you will find there every thing you can want I have no time or space for more so must stop

yr affectionate daughter

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