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Document number: 1040
Date: 13 Jan 1823
Dating: overwritten from 1822
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FANE John
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 14th December 2010

Dear Mr Talbot

I was surprized that last night Lady Elisth Feilding <1> should in company embarrass me by a private request to appoint a time for a confidential interview, as I had expressly stated to you in the Morning that I would only communicate with her through yourself respecting the letter from Mr William Bligh to me in which he has introduced the name of Lady Elisabeth Feilding.

I consider that you were in some degree bound in honor to prevent my having any such proposal; which I had explained to you must be unpleasant; & I now expect of you that there should be no recurrence of that, nor any thing that could make a communication which is not desirable, necessary, on my part with Capn Feilding. <2>

I have already informed you of all that the circumstances which have occurred made me think it right to state regarding an affair in which the honor of your family had been concerned. & of which there has been this improper attempt, which I will not sanction, to bring the discussion into my house

It is not in the nature of things that the conduct of the Bligh family to myself should have arisen from any of the facts known to me. Some person therefore must be acting unseen, & instigating all the absurdities that are taking place. It is quite beneath me to enquire who, but to prevent the evil to various persons of their conduct to each other, & to myself offensive trouble, I have taken the resolution to have at the present time no private communication with any of the persons whose names are attempted to be introduced

If you have any farther questions to ask me on the part of Lady Elisth I shall answer them most readily but they must be asked & answered publicly

I send this with a note to Lady Elisth in my usual amiable manner & testifying the kind feeling which I have & desire to retain towards you & every part of the family, & which can only be continued by the entire compliance with my positive request made for the most judicious reasons that there should be no renewal of the subject, not even in answer to this letter.

I am Dear Mr Talbot with esteem Yrs very Sinly
J Westmorland

13th Jany 1823


1. Lady Elisabeth Theresa Feilding, ne Fox Strangways, first m Talbot (17731846), WHFTs mother.

2. Rear Admiral Charles Feilding (17801837), Royal Navy; WHFTs step-father.

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