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Document number: 01128
Date: Tue 25 Nov 1823
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: ARNOLD Thomas Kerchever
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 13th March 2012

Tuesday Nov. 25. 1823

Dear Talbot,

I could not send you an account of the Fellowship Examination (and its glorious result for our year), as you told me, in your last letter, that you were going to leave Varese in a few days, and gave me no direction. The successful candidates were all elected unanimously; so much so, that Judgson <1> informed me the evening before, that I was elected. Barnes cut Mathematics entirely, and also the English Verse. The Examination turned principally upon composition.

It is reported that Bagshawe met Barnes drenched in liquor a few days after the first of October, and eagerly inquired who were elected. 'It's all straight' said Barnes - 'all right on that suit' - and poor Bagshawe could make nothing out about it. His favourite exclamation here was, 'What a quilting we have given that lower year'!! -

Fisher of Catharine Hall has been spending some days with us here - he says that this last summer has cured him of his taste for Polar Expeditions.<2> They had great difficulty in getting out of the Ice.

I hope you will pay Cambridge a visit. How long do [you]<3> think of remaining in England?

Reynolds & Monk are married - the latter to a French girl, who is, according to Higman, <4> no better than she should be. All reports agree in stating that she is utterly without money, beauty, sense &c. He wishes to get pupils, and has taken a house for that purpose.

You must come here to see the new buildings at our own College & Ben'et.

When the Shetland Pilot went aboard the Discovery Ships, Fisher asked how 'the old Queen was going on' - Then some one inquired about Buonaparte <5> - then they heard of Lord Castlereagh's <6> death &c. When Fisher was here, he had very dim notions about the cause of the Greeks, <7> and was very much to seek in the Spanish War. <8> Let us see you here speedily.

Yr sincere Friend
T. K. Arnold.

W. H. F. Talbot Esq.
31. Sackvile [sic] Street


1. William George Judgson (1780-1825), Senior Dean 1816-1821, Senior Bursar 1821-1825.

2. Alexander Fisher was the surgeon on Captain Parry's 2nd Arctic Expedition, 1821-1823.

3. Text written off the edge of page.

4. Rev John Philips Higman (1793-1855), mathematician.

5. Napoleon I, Emperor of France (1804-1814/15).

6. Robert Stewart, Lord Castlereagh (1769-1822), politician. In November 1819, Castlereagh introduced in the House of Commons the severe measures that became known as the 'Six Acts'. Castlereagh, as the government's spokesman for civil matters in the House of Commons, took the blame for the repressive measures and lost his popularity ever since.

7. A reference to the Greek War of Independence (1821-1829).

8. There was a Spanish Civil War from 1820 to 1823.