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Document number: 01241
Date: 17 Jan 1825
Dating: confirmed by 01243, 01250
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: STRANGWAYS William Thomas Horner Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA25(MW)-003
Last updated: 1st September 2003


Jan 17–

My dear Henry

I am just come from the botanic garden which is dismal – the only things worth mentioning are, that Delphinium staphysagria is coming out in full bud – a plant which I never saw before & promises to be fine. Euphorbia spinosa is in that sort of bud which belongs either to last year or the present & may flower next month or next midsummer – Do you know Aralia spinosa? Scabiosa Caucasia is still in blow – Aletris – Fuchsia & Stuartia packed up in straw, while Phormium tenax, Gladiolus cardinalis & Ixia chinensis are left uncovered.

I enquired for Baptiste <1> who I heard was gone abroad – he is not here – but I believe I can recommend you one Antonietto <2> – he is known both to Saverio <3> & Thomas who give him a good character, & his wife lives housekeeper at Lord Pembrokes, <4> where he is to be found or heard of. Mrs Antonietto is known at Moreton <5> by having sent or recommended a Cook there & another to Mrs Shirley. <6> This is not Antonio who was to have gone with me before Saverio & who lived with the Scropes when they were in Sicily but Antonietto.

Pray write me word what your plans are – at this moment I am in doubt where you may be – There is nobody here that I think you know unless it may be Mr & Mrs Taylor who were at Munich & Edgcumbe <7> who is one of us & who was at Harrow –

Yr Affe


Henry Talbot Esq –


1. A manservant employed 1823/24 by Charles Feilding. [See Doc. No: 01076 and Doc. No: 01169].

2. See Doc. No: 01243, and Doc. No: 01250.

3. Saverio Levota, a manservant or courier employed at various times during the 1820s by members of the Strangways and Talbot families while on the Continent.

4. George Augustus Herbert, 11th earl of Pembroke (1759–1827).

5. Moreton, Dorset: home of the Frampton family.

6. Mrs Evelyn Shirley of Warwickshire. [See Doc. No: 00509].

7. Probably George Edgcumbe, 3rd son of the 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (b. 1800).