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Document number: 02315
Date: 05 Sep 1876
Dating: confirmed by publication of memoirs Sep 1876
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FRAMPTON Louisa Charlotte
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 8th December 2010

Lulworth Villa
St Mary Church
Sep. 5

My dear Henry,

If you have seen the “Gentleman’s Magazine” for this month, you will have found Mrs Campbell’s Memoirs, <1> but the Editor has made a stupid mistake in describing the “Vision” as related to the Princess, & written down by Mrs Campbell. It is not my fault, for he had the same MS which I sent to you, & you forwarded to Macmillan’s Editor, where it was plainly stated to the “from the French,” & was place in the Appendix with the Assassination of Gustavus 3d <2> – & in the body of the MS. I had mentioned that the latter was written down by Mrs C., & in my possession.

I have not liked to reproach the Editor with the mistake, as he has been very civil & pleasant, & to offend him would not help the matter now; the harm, such as it is, is done & after all I hope it is of no great consequence. The princess, Mrs Campbell, & Col. Addenbroke <3> are dead, & no one but myself, even in our own family, knew of it at all, or that I had the MS of Gustavus, so it cannot be contradicted to the displeasure of the Editor, who caused the error. A copy of the MS would prove my innocence.

Then again, very few seem to know of the “Vision,” or where it is to be found; & if they do, it is not proof that if related in French in a Novel nearly 20 Years ago, it was not also related previously in English by Mrs Col Addenbroke: just as the Assassination has been related in history, yet was related by Col. A. I hope therefore it will prove of no consequence, stupid as the mistake is, & I think you will agree with me that it is of no use to reproach him or annoy him about it. It does not affect my veracity.

Yours affly
Louisa C. Frampton


1. See Louisa Charlotte Frampton,‘Princess Charlotte and Mrs Campbell’, The Gentleman’s Magazine, n.s. v. 27, September 1876, pp. 275-289. Alicia Campbell, née Kelly, ‘Tam’ (1768–1829), a close family friend of the Framptons, first joined Princess Charlotte’s household in 1805.

2. King Gustavus III of Sweden was assassinated in March 1792.

3. Princess Charlotte (1796-1817); Col John Peter Addenbrooke (1753-1821) was Equerry to the Princess. See Doc. No: 05793.