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Document number: 02393
Date: 03 Oct 1876
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: FURLONGE William Holland
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 8th February 2010

Caed Mawr House
Holywell – Flints –
3 Oct 1876.

My dear Sir

I have for a very long time desired to write to you, but, until lately, I did not know your precise address wh I have obtained from Mr J. Traill Taylor <1> of London –

It is more than probable that you have utterly forgotten that so far back as the year 1840, you were in Correspondence with me, through the medium of dear old Sir David Brewster <2> I was at that time a young student at St Andrews, and you had just then published your beautiful discovery of the Calotype, which, at the wishes of Sir David Brewster I took up and was very successful in practising – In the course of my experiments I was favoured with several letters from you which I now possess, in which you told me the results of your experiments and invited comparison with mine. I may therefore claim you as a very old Correspondent and Photographic associate and I trust you will therefore not feel offended with me for seeking after so many years to renew our Correspondence.

I do not remember that I have seen your name in connection with matters Photographic for some years, – though I doubt whether any more than myself you have deserted your old love – and I shall be very much interested to learn whether or not you still interest yourself in the matter –

But I have seen your name mentioned in connection with the very important subject of Assyrian investigation, and their engenious [sic] bearing upon the Archaeology of Scripture – It happens that my mind has for a long time been turned in a similar direction, and I should feel much gratified if your leisure would permit of your corresponding with me a little on the subject – The matters wch at present engage my attention are those of Egyptian Chronology as compared with the Assyrian and Babylonian – and I should fancy that you can give me valuable advice and aid for which I should be greatly obliged – and I would ask you, imprimis, <3> what works you can advise me to read in order that I may obtain the latest and most reliable information upon these subjects?

I trust you will excuse this intrusion upon your leisure and for the sake of “auld lang syne”

Believe me my dear Sir
Yours very sincerely
W. H. Furlonge

H. Fox Talbot Esq


1. John Traill Taylor (1827–1895), Scottish watchmaker, photographer & editor.

2. Sir David Brewster (1781–1868), Scottish scientist & journalist.

3. Chiefly; in the first place.