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Document number: 06054
Date: 01 Dec 1847
Recipient: HENNEMAN Nicolaas
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 25th March 2012



1st Decr 47

I wish to know whr y. wd like t set up in bss on yr own acct as a Photr if I were t lend you sm my t begin wth, & were t give y. a licse upon easy terms

I wish y to turn it over in yr own mind, & let me know

In case If y were t do so I thk y might do well t enter into pship wth M as I thk you two might do a gd bss in R. St

[expanded text:]

Nicolaas Henneman

1st December 1847

I wish to know whether you would like to set up in business on your own account as a Photographer if I were to lend you some money to begin with, & were to give you a license upon easy terms

I wish you to turn it over in your own mind, & let me know

If you were to do so I think you might do well to enter into partnership with Malone <1> as I think you two might do a good business in Regent Street <2>


1. Thomas Augustine Malone (1823-1867), photographer & chemist.

2. Henneman & Malone did open a studio at 122 Regent Street, called the Sun Picture Rooms for their terms, see Doc. No: 06097.