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Document number: 06196
Date: 10 Dec 1848
Recipient: MURRAY Robert
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: PRIVATE
Collection number: 300636.3
Collection number historic: ex George Carter
Last updated: 30th March 2012

Mr Robt Murray

Lacock Abbey
10 Dec /48


It has been mentioned to me two or three times that you were desirous of occupying the house at Kensington of which I have a lease My lease of it continues for one year and 8 months longer, but I have determined to quit the premises and take away my furniture shortly, and then to underlet the house to some respectable tenant. I wish to know therefore before I make the offer to anyone else, whether you desire to become my tenant in those premises for 1 year 8 months The rent I pay to the landlord is 45 guineas a year, but as my chief object is to have a perfectly respectable tenant, I should not ask you more than a very moderate rent, and an engagement to take all care possible of the premises

An early answer will oblige me

Yours truly
H. F. Talbot

[draft of reply by Murray, added in pencil:]


I beg to thank you for your kind offer but I am sorry to say circumstances oblige me to decline it, owing to my family having entered into arrangements to remain in a shop they have had for some time which they had an idea of giving up at the time [illegible deletion] the Kensington House being was mentioned to me & I thought it would be a good opportunity to get them a little way from town, I must again thank you for your kind intentions and