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Document number: 06474
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1851
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: TALBOT Constance, née Mundy
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA51-56
Last updated: 3rd August 2010

Tuesday Oct 7th.
1851 [in another hand]

My dear Henry

As you say nothing more about coming down to Grasmere I conclude you have given it up – and therefore I write to fix Friday for your sending Jones down. – Saturday might do, if there is any reason for your not liking to spare him on Friday. – Shall you send me the money by him, or have it paid into the Keswick Bank? – The former would be most convenient if you think it safe. – I have reckoned as near as I can – and believe that £200 – will suffice. – I will put on another side my estimate for yr. inspection.

To Mr. Vardon<1> for 45 Lessons, in oil painting – some drawing materials and loan of pictures, (studies) during last winter at Lacock, about £23.0.0

six weeks & ½ house rent about 60.0.0

Journey about – 50.0.0

Pianoforte hire – 3.10.0

Mr. Brown for beer & wine 11.0.0

– for hay, oats & straw 24.10.0

Mr. Donaldson – 4.0.0

Farrier – 1.13.0

William Pulling’s bed. 1.8.6

19 weeks at 1/6 –

Coal acct. probably – 10.0.0

Carrier’s bill & other trifles not known – _______


Bill for trays, suacepans kitchen utensils not known –

I think my estimate will scarcely ^cover the latter bill, Mr. Bells’, which I had forgotten – and there may be a few other sundries. – but I have still a small sum left of the former £300 –

I am going to speak to Mr. Brown <2> today, about the things left for sale – Harrison strongly advises our taking the bedding away – because he says the neighbourhood is supplied by recent auctions – & there is sure to be a considerable loss – Therefore I have decided to take it, as it will be very useful at home and some of the earthenware. I wish, with your permission, to make a present to Harrison, as he has gained nothing but extra trouble by our being here – his wages being the same as when the executors paid him. May I give him a £5. note in payment of Pullings bed £1.8.6 desiring him to keep the change of £3.11.6 for himself? He has been extremely useful throughout, & very obliging – and just as anxious now, that we are on the point of leaving, as he was at first. I have employed him & still employ him on many little messages of trust.

I shall perhaps be obliged to trouble you with more dull business letters. but that can’t be helped – It is quite squally again today – when will the weather become settled? It wd. be too disagreeable travelling in such a storm – I am sure Harrison will not turn us out. on Wednesday, if it should be like this! –

Your affectionate

If you pay the money into the Keswick Bank, it should be done as soon as possible –


1. Alfred Thomas Vardon (1811-1892), artist & teacher, Grasmere, later Bath.

2. Edward Brown, auctioneer, held the auction on 27 November 1851. See Doc. No: 06524.