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Document number: 8729
Date: Wed 29 Jul 1840
Dating: 1840 only logical year by calendar; WHFT was in Oxford then
Recipient: BUCKLAND William
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Last updated: 3rd October 2012

Mr. Fox Talbot will do himself the pleasure of calling on Dr Buckland if at home this morning-

Angel Hotel
Wednesday 29th. July <1>


1. Possible years matching this (within Buckland's liftime) were 1829, 1835, and 1840. The Angel was in Oxford and WHFT was in Oxford in late July 1840 - see Doc. No: 04116. He took a photograph of the buildings opposite the Angel, illustrated in Graham Smith, Disciples of Light; Photographs in the Brewster Album (Malibu: J. Paul Getty Museum, 1990), p. 38 (Schaaf 1444). WHFT employed the same point of view opposite the Angel to take the first plate of The Pencil of Nature, 'Part of Queens College, Oxford' (Schaaf 1461).