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Document number: 9398
Date: 03 Aug 1868
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: ANCHEUS [?]
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 31st January 2010

[printed notepaper]
Hôtel G de Bretagne <1>
Lac de Como)

3 Aout 868[sic]

Monsr Talbot

C’est avec le plus grand des regrets que je dois repondre à vot très estimable lettre datée du 30 juillet procht passé.

Mon teneur de livres s’etait trompé et il avait soldée [sic] une partie pour un autre. –. Maintenant à l’aide d’autres ecritures il s’est convaincu; l’on a quittancée vot partie, et tout est en parfaite regle.

Veuillez donc –. Monsieur Talbot recevoir nos excuse, et veuillez aussi n[ous] <2> renouveller votre clientèle, lorsque vous serez pour retourner en Italie. –

Avec considération et respect je me professe.


Hôtel Grande Bretagne
(Lake Como)

3 August [1]868

Dear Mr Talbot

It is with the greatest regret that I must reply to your very highly respected letter dated 30 July just passed.

My bookkeeper made a mistake and he had closed one account instead of another. – . Now with the help of other documents he is persuaded; we have settled your account, and everything is perfectly in order.

Please therefore – Mr Talbot – receive our explanation, and please also renew your custom with us when you wish to return again to Italy. –

Yours sincerely


1. The Grande Bretagne opened in 1861 as the first of the luxury tourist hotels in Bellagio and rapidly became a favourite for visitors.

2. Text missing at edge of page.