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Document number: 974
Date: Thu 23 May 1822
Dating: year by calendar; dates of Smith's and Briggs' publications
Postmark: indistinct
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: ARNOLD Thomas Kerchever
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA22-20
Last updated: 11th January 2011

Thursday May 23

Dear Talbot

I have only time to send you the information which you require. At Cambridge you will find, I think, Coddington, Kindersley, Worsley, <1> Porter (who sports 10 G. for the Irish) Matthews, Higman <2> (who is made Tutor for a third side, & who means to elect Thorp <3> his lecturer) Ollivant <4> of course (Hebrew Scholar), and my Brothers, if you arrive there before Tuesday. I see by the papers that Coddington's mother is lately dead, but he is in Cambridge. Bagshawe <5> came up at Christmas but I have not heard of him since. Barnes <6> was there last term.

I cannot tell you any thing of the Classical World: being quite shut out of it. Mitchell <7> has published a second Vol. of Aristophanes, which I have not seen. Briggs <8> has published the 'Poets Bucolici' (Groci) at our press. Monk <9> is Dean of Peterborough, and D.D: and though the statutes say 'omnes omnino Doctores Excludimus' i. e. from the Professorship of Greek, he has distributed a circular to shew how this does not apply to him. Pamphlets about the Little Go are coming out perpetually. William<10> is going to Scarborough for the long Vacation with 4 pupils, his eyes are not much better. In October he goes to London to study Medicine. I am here (Stamford) very wretched: no certain Vacancies. Welcoming you sincerely to England, I am &c

Your very sincere Friend,
T. K. Arnold.

P.S. The Lament of Ld B. will be difficult: mention it to Fursdon <11> at Cambridge. Adieu.

W. H. F. Talbot Esq.
31. Sackville Street,


1. Rev Henry Coddington (1798-1845), natural philosopher, fellow & tutor, Trinity College, Cambridge; d. in Rome; probably Sir Richard Torin Kindersley (1792-1879), a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Rev Thomas Worsley (1797-1885), theologian & Master of Downing College, Cambridge.

2. For Matthews see Doc. No: 00946; Reverend John Philips Higman (1793-1855), mathematician.

3. See Doc. No: 00904.

4. Alfred Ollivant (1798-1882), author & Bishop of Llandaff.

5. See Doc. No: 00956.

6. See Doc. No: 01009.

7. Thomas Mitchell, Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, The Comedies of Aristophanes (1822).

8. Thomas Briggs, Poetae bucolici graeci; sive, Theocriti, Bionis et Moschi quae supersunt (1821).

9. James Henry Monk (1784-1856), English divine and classical scholar. In 1822, he was appointed dean of Peterborough.

10. His brother, William Langton Arnold (1801 3 November 1822), the first chemical scholar elected on the Micklebrough Foundation.

11. Charles Fursdon, (b. 1798), Trinity College, Cambridge, scholar.

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