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Document number: 5706
Date: 15 Aug 1846
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: AWDRY Henry Goddard
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 1st September 2003


Augt 15 1846

Dear Sir

I am afraid we have not quite understood each other –

As I understood it you offered two Alternatives – One that the Company should take the whole of the land purchased by you of Fussell at the price paid by you; the other that they should take so much of it as they wanted in which case it was to be left to the Referee to decide the Amount of the purchase money with certain other stipulations –

I chose the first alternative on the understanding that you gave your full consent to the Diversion of the Lanes and I understood that this being the case the other stipulations fell to the Ground – I did not say any thing as to the expenses of the Reference because no reference on the matter of Fussells field was required –

To save all ambiguity however I will now make a fresh proposal.

1st The Company will be happy to accept your Offer of the 3a at the price paid by you to Fussell on the Understanding that you will promote their wishes in reference to the Diversion of the Lanes and with a view to this that you will sell them the two little corners marked 22a and 23a at a price to be fixed by the Referee under the General Agreement –

2ndly If you will give possession of all the Land required by the Company within a week from this time they will pay you 5 per Cent on the purchase money from the time of taking such possession –

3rdly If in addition to this you will allow them to extend their Works a few feet nearer Lacock Abbey than the Agreement allows not exceeding 20 they will pay all expenses of the Reference This extension is not essential to them but is wanted as a matter of convenience –

They object to undertake to keep the new piece of Road in Repair for ever on the Ground that the Public will only have to maintain this instead of the other, & they propose leaving this to the provisions of the Railway Clauses Act which takes every requisite care of the interests of the Public –

If you think a personal interview desirable I shall be happy to call on you on your making an Appointment when I could show you a Plan explaining the Matters above referred to

I have the Honor to be
Dear Sir
Yours faithfully

H G Awdry

Mr H F Talbot
Oriel Lodge

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