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Document number: 6081
Date: 07 Jan 1848
Recipient: AWDRY West
Author: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Last updated: 9th July 2010

W. Awdry Esq

7 Jany/48


I will thank you to send Coutts <1> the order for the transfer of the money into my name, you had better keep the cheque yourself.

I am afraid there is an error in the transaction, my memory deceives me greatly if I gave the Company possession of the land in September 1846; it appears to me that I did so either in June or July of that year. I have a Mr H.G. Awdrys <2> agreement (which states the day) to refer to.

In the meantime I beg to call your attention to it without delay, the difference amounting to an important sum

Yours truly
H.F. Talbot

P.S. I should be glad to have a copy of the map which was upon the Conveyance In case you have not got a copy of the agreement I speak of, you had better call here and look at mine before you take any step I hope to see you as soon as Convenient. I was very unwell the day you called for my signature, else I would have looked for it then, but in fact I expected you to send for my previous approval the calculation respecting the amount due for Interest.


1. Coutts & Co

2. Henry Goddard Awdry (18041881), solicitor, Chippenham

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