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Document number: 4020
Date: 04 Feb 1840
Recipient: TALBOT William Henry Fox
Author: AWDRY West
Collection: British Library, London, Manuscripts - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number historic: LA40-019
Last updated: 1st September 2003

Chippenham <1>

4 Feby 1840

Dear Sir,

With your letters of Yesterday I received one from Messers Villier & Co stating that your office commenced yesterday, and that they had so written to the late Under Sheriff – Mr King <2> is perhaps not aware of the late Act (3<c4?> Wm 4. C. 99) which simply substitutes a Warrant Signed by the Clark of the Privy Council instead of a Patent under the Gt Seal &c with numerous other formulæ formerly in use – and the “Sheriff so appointed and upon taking the Oath of Office shall thereupon have & exercise all powers usually exercised & enjoyed by Sheriffs” – I have today been to Devizes & received from Mr Tugwell such Books &c as were ready for delivery His list of Prisoners &c will be handed to me in a day or two, i:e: as soon as he receives them from the Gaoler. The turn over from the Sheriff preceding Mr Phipps <3> was made on the 9th of Feby a few days later than in your Case in consequence (I presume) of Mr Phipps having taken the Oath in the County instead of in Town –

With respect to the Clothing for the Javelin <4> then I am informed that it will be provided from the Sheriffs Fund in addition to £100. But I will write to the Captain at Salisbury for greater certainty –

If you should have delayed signing my Appointments as Under Sheriff till you hear from me I think you had better send it by return of Post as I have now process delivered to me by the late Sheriff to be executed – perhaps you will desire Messers Villier to wait upon you that they may see that it is all correct and according to the prescribed forms – I have had your Seal corrected, as to the Motto.

I remain Dear Sir
Your obliged & obed Servt

West Awdry


1. Chippenham, Wiltshire: largest town near Lacock, 3 miles N.

2. Of William Read King & Son, solicitors, London.

3. Probably Charles Lewis Phipps (1782–1862), JP.

4. An armed member of a sheriff’s retinue or a judge’s escort at assizes.

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